Debora Delmar Corp.
Elisabeth Molin, & Simon Granger
Feat. Tim Zercie & Friends
17th Dec 2016- 07th Jan 2017

Milly Thompson
22nd Oct - 7th Nov

Wander Wonder
Brendan Lynch

16th - 30th September

Rope & Co
Luke Burton, Andrew Munks, Jamie Partridge, Cyrus Shroff
17th - 29th August 2016

Question Centre
Caragh Thuring and Alex Higgins
Curated by Maria Do Carmo M. P. de Pontes
16th - 24th July 2016

Yeah we serve half pints, but you have to order two
Lewis Teague Wright
25th June - July 5th 2016

Plucking Feathers and Precarious Pleasures
Curated by Sarah Jones
12th - 15th May 2016

The Fool
Curated by Westminster Waste at Rod Barton Gallery
1st April - 7th May 2016

Claire Boyd, Zadie Xa,
Motoko Ishibashi, Justin Fitzpatrick
Curated by Hadas Auerbach
1st - 10th April 2016

Untitled to Participate
Stephan Backes
12th - 26th March 2016

the emotional content
of the revolution

Benjamin Brett, Kaspar Müller,
Il Duce
Curated by Jonathan P. Watts
23rd - 31st Jan 2016

The Forest Loam
Philip Seibel
12th - 31st Dec 2015

House For Hanging
Margarita Gluzberg, Katrin Koskaru, Sanja Todorovic
20th Nov - 2nd Dec 2015

Triple Flute
Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Maëlle Maisonneuve, Ariane Schick
une proposition by Charlotte Develter
11th - 24th October 2015

Tired and Clever
Issy Wood and Glen Pudvine,
18th - 30th Sep 2015

An evening of artists' films
15th August 2015

Petr Davydtchenko / Astrid Gnosis
24th July - 7th August 2015

The Alembic of Creative Thought
curated by Tim Zercie
11th - 25th June 2015

Bryn Lloyd-Evans
Meal Deal (Clocking in, clocking out)
23rd May - 5th June

Edward Sanders,
14th - 29th March 2015